July 2018 - February 2019
Worked on different small projects in various technologies such as .NET Core, Angular, Sitecore and code testing.

After graduating from my bachelor’s degree in applied informatics, I started as a Young Professional full-stack developer at Capgemini (consultant).

During my first weeks at Capgemini, I started to practice my developer skills by writing my CV in a .NET core web API. Creating some simple endpoints that extract data out of an SQL database and showing this data in an Angular dashboard. Once this was completed, I discovered how to release a project and add extra components such as automatic Cypress testing.

My first real project was creating a website for a small car company using Sitecore. I started with creating mockups and converting these into HTML/CSS pages. After a three-day introduction of the technology, together with a team, we started using all the Sitecore features to explore what this technology had to offer.

After a while I was selected to join a team of developers at one of our clients in the banking sector. My job was to see how we could optimise the test cycles for the written code. These optimisations existed out of Unit, Integration and End-to-End testing.

Used technologies: .NET Core 2.2, Angular, SQL, HTML/CSS, Sitecore, Cypress





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