Delen Private Bank

August 2020 - Today
Delen Private Bank
Worked as an internal developer on a large project for internal use. Used technologies are .NET 6 and Angular 14.

The covid pandemic made me realise it was time for a new challenge. Delen Private Bank was one of the first companies that sparked my interest, so I decided to join the company.

At Delen I worked in a small team of developers. Our main objective was to convert the old cobol-based system into a new and modern environment written in C# and Angular. Between data migrations and full-stack development of the new and user friendly web application for our users, we managed to add a bunch of new features. Making the daily job of our backoffice team easier and error proof.

Used technologies: .NET Core 3.1, .NET 6, Angular 13, HTML/CSS, Docker/Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, Git, SQL server/DB2, DDD, RabbitMQ/NServicePulse





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