September 2019 - August 2020
Deloitte Belgium
Worked as a full-stack developer for internal projects and as a business analyst for the rework of a big component.

As a consultant for Involved, I had the chance to start as a full-stack developer for Deloitte. During my time at Deloitte I worked on two different projects. One as developer and one as business/technical analyst.

My project as a developer was creating a proxy-API between existing applications for IT-support and the new ServiceNow system. The best solution for this ‘problem’ was to create a NuGet package to implement in the existing tools. This allowed me to easily integrate the new features into the code and work with different versions. The most important features of the proxy-API were authorisation, throttling and simplifying the creation of an API-request.

During the development of the API, a decision was made to move to a new SAP-system. Because of this decision, some of the existing features in the old system were no longer supported. As I have a big interest in business analysis I offered to co-operate with a senior BA profile to gain experience. A big challenge was to take care of the integration with all legacy systems within the firm. Together with a development team from India we succeeded in creating a new tool that covered all the needs regarding the staffing of employees, enabling the migrate to the new system.

Used technologies: .NET framework, .NET Core, Angular, SQL, Windows foms, HTML/CSS, Business/Technical analysis





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