February 2019 - August 2020
Worked as a full-stack consultant and internal developer at Involved, part of the Cronos Group. Mainly in .NET Core and Angular.

I joined Involved in February 2019 in a position as both consultant and internal developer. For me this was the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

My first project at Involved was the Involved master class. A project that all new employees develop to adjust to the coding standards of the new environment. The goal was to create a web application where visitors could login to their account and answer a list of questions. Each answer had a threshold, resulting in multiple outcomes based on the chosen answers.

After finishing the master class, I started an internal project for one of our clients. Coincidentally this was the project where our master class was based on. An application where questions can be answered and based on these answers a health report was given to the employee of a firm. The main difference was the technology versions (.NET Core 2.1 and Angular 8 vs .NET framework 4.7 and AngularJS 1.7.).

While working on the internal project I was placed as a consultant at Deloitte. My task at Deloitte consisted of full-stack development and business analysis of a big rework related to the switch to new SAP system. You can read everything about my time at Deloitte here.

Used technologies: .NET framework 4.7, .NET Core 2.1, AngularJS 1.7, Angular 8, SQL, HTML/CSS, Git, Azure DevOps





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